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07 April 2013: Gully skiing, Cairngorm Skiing Winter 2012/2013
06 April 2013: Creag Meagaidh gully skiing Skiing Winter 2012/2013
05 April 2013: Dubh Loch gully skiing Skiing Winter 2012/2013
31 March 2013: Emerald Gully, Beinn Dearg. Winter Route Winter 2012/2013
30 March 2013: Glencoe skiing Skiing Winter 2012/2013
24 March 2013: Glen Tanar, XC skiing and Craig Leek tree skiing. Skiing Winter 2012/2013
20 March 2013: Stob Ban Gully Skiing Skiing Winter 2012/2013
12 March 2013: Sgurr a'Mhaoraich Walk Winter 2012/2013
11 March 2013: A' Chralaig Walk Winter 2012/2013
03 March 2013: Ben Lui Skiing Winter 2012/2013
23 February 2013: The Flume Direct, Garbh Choire, Beinn a' Bhuird Winter Route Winter 2012/2013
17 February 2013: Gully skiing, Liathach Skiing Winter 2012/2013
16 February 2013: Ruadh-stac Mor, Beinn Eighe Walk Winter 2012/2013
09 February 2013: Lochnagar with skis. Skiing Winter 2012/2013

I probably shouldn't have got out of bed this morning.  I felt knackered before I even got going, and on the drive up Deeside, it was still very misty and raining, so plan A was abandoned (which was Garbh Choire on Beinn a'Bhuird).  About turn in the car, and I headed for Lochnagar.   There are lots of little lines in the Southern Sector of the North East corrie that I fancied skiing, so figured a full day could be had.  As a warm up, I thought I'd try the easy wide gully just below the plateau.  Not mentioned in the climbing guides, and not quite steep enough for Grade I, it is an obvious ski line.  The reasonably frozen snow made it a noisy and unpleasant descent.  Through the murk, I was able to make out that there was some fresh looking snow below Central Gully, so headed for that with renewed optimism. 

In contrast, it was quite a wade up the lower reaches of Central Gully, but where the gully forks, the snow became hard again.  The left hand branch had a cornice over it, but straight didn't have much of one so opted for that.  However, as I neared the top, I realised I would have to downclimb the steep frozen stuff, and as I drew level with the cornice in the left branch, I could see that it was a bit of a roof, so traversed across to it for a look.  It was more of a cavern, than a cornice.  I don't actually think i've been below one quite that big before, where I could walk about with my hands in my pockets, which I did, as I waited for a clearing in the mist.

After quite a long time, I grew impatient, and headed down on ski.  It wasn't the best descent (as I struggled to make anything out in the gloom), and had the axe out for reassurance on the very steep top section.  Typically, as I came to a stop in the corrie, the mist started to clear!  It was only temporary, but if i'd waited 5 more minutes...  I decided against anything else, as the mind and body weren't keen on continuing, so I enjoyed an easy descent all the way to the glen.  Best skiing of the day!

Climbers on Perserverance Rib, and off to the right of Windfall.
Climbing up Central Gully.  The cornice doesn't look too big...
... but it turns out to be huge!
No, I didn't ski the skyline.  Was far too chicken.
Looking away didn't help either.
Work it out for yourselves.
Made it down in one piece, and of course, the mist started to clear.  The first gully I skied is on the left of this photo of the Southern Sector.  Central Gully is on the far right.
A race to the top.  Climbers on the exit chimney of the Catherdral (right), and at the top of Cathedral Chimney (right).
Cathedral Chimney.  I remember having a right battle with that one.
Exit chimney of the Cathedral.
02 February 2013: Another trip up Carn an Tuirc! Skiing Winter 2012/2013
26 January 2013: Glen Tanar, XC skiing Skiing Winter 2012/2013
20 January 2013: Carn an Tuirc Skiing Winter 2012/2013
03 January 2013: Skiing, Liathach. Skiing Winter 2012/2013
01 January 2013: Twisting Gully, Liathach Winter Route Winter 2012/2013
31 December 2012: Beinn Damh Walk Winter 2012/2013
30 December 2012: Glen Bianasdail Walk Winter 2012/2013
08 December 2012: Drumochter ski tour Skiing Winter 2012/2013
02 December 2012: Beinn a'Bhuird Winter Route Winter 2012/2013
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