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21 September 2011: Cerro La Campana, 1880m Walk Chile, September 2011
19 September 2011: Llaima, 3125m Skiing Chile, September 2011
17 September 2011: Villarrica, 2847m Skiing Chile, September 2011
14 September 2011: Volcan Osorno, 2662m Skiing Chile, September 2011
12 September 2011: Lonquimay, 2865m Skiing Chile, September 2011
10 September 2011: Volcan Antuco, 2985m Skiing Chile, September 2011
07 September 2011: Nevados de Chillan, 3212m Skiing Chile, September 2011
06 September 2011: Volcan Chillan Nuevo, 3186m Skiing Chile, September 2011

After a successful day on the piste the previous day, we opted for the easily accessible Volcan Chillan Nuevo.  We cheated by taking the lift up - saves a good 2 hours of ascent, so was worth it.  We took it steady, and as we got closer to the summit, we were caught by another couple of tourers - Claire from the US, and Camille from France - so we had a sociable time on the summit itself, which was a narrow rocky ridge for the final section.   We decided not to bother with Volcan Chillan Viejo on the otherside of the col, as it would have been a rocky walk to the top, albeit short.  The descent was good, particularly below the col between the volcanoes.  We even had enough time from when we got down to use the lift pass for another big run.

Helen heading for the col between Volcan Chillan Nuevo on the left, and Volcan Chillan Viejo on the right of the pair of volcanoes.  Volcan Nevados de Chillan is to the left of the picture (the following days outing).
Helen high up just below the col, being caught by Claire and Camille (using our tracks though!).
Volcan Chillan Viejo in the background.  Not looking too good for skiing.
Claire on the summit ridge.
Helen and Claire walking along the summit ridge.
Helen at the summit.
Helen, Camille and Claire at the top.
I was actually there as well!
Helen descending Volcan Chillan Nuevo, as a French snowboarder walks up.
Below the col, the snow was excellent.
Tracks from the previous day are still visible, with Claire and Camilles tracks on the right.
Helen just above the resort.
05 September 2011: Termas de Chillan, Chile Skiing Chile, September 2011
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