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21 September 2011: Cerro La Campana, 1880m Walk Chile, September 2011
19 September 2011: Llaima, 3125m Skiing Chile, September 2011
17 September 2011: Villarrica, 2847m Skiing Chile, September 2011
14 September 2011: Volcan Osorno, 2662m Skiing Chile, September 2011
12 September 2011: Lonquimay, 2865m Skiing Chile, September 2011
10 September 2011: Volcan Antuco, 2985m Skiing Chile, September 2011
07 September 2011: Nevados de Chillan, 3212m Skiing Chile, September 2011
06 September 2011: Volcan Chillan Nuevo, 3186m Skiing Chile, September 2011
05 September 2011: Termas de Chillan, Chile Skiing Chile, September 2011

Time for a long overdue holiday!  We arrived in Santiago the previous day after a 26 hour journey, then drove the hire car for another 7 hours or so (including a slightly spaced out trip to a busy supermarket) to Las Trancas.  The final part of the journey involved puting on snow chains as it was heaving it down with snow, which was a relief after driving through some flooded sections.  We were staying in some fairly unusual digs at Ecobox Andino - converted shipping containers!  They were significantly more comfortable than they sound...

The following morning was perfect.  Blue sky, no wind, and a foot of fresh powder snow Smile.  We couldn't believe our luck.  Termas de Chillan has a bit of a reputation for not opening the many of their lifts, but the main one was open - the Don Otto lift.  This climbs about 700m in one go, and gives access to some of the best terrain.  We had an excellent day on and off piste, and the grin on my face was as wide as it would go.  The journey was worth it just for that day alone, and it was only the start of an amazing trip!

Termas de Chillan from the very bottom of the resort.  The 2 volcanoes are out of sight over the rise.
The volcanoes from near the top of the Don Otto lift.
Big wide slopes, and not a lot of folk around.
Telemarking down a lava flow!
Our 'Ecobox'!
Each 'Ecobox' was a different colour.
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